About Us

Serving Oklahoma for over 20 years!

Giving Oklahomans the credit they deserve.

  •     No finance charge
  •     No interest
  •     First payment in 30 days
  •     No downpayment

If you’re 18 and just starting your credit, or you’re 40 and starting over, Credit Jewelry can help you with your credit needs!

Credit Jewelry provides high quality wedding bands in 10K, 14K, and 18K gold, platinum, titanium and silver!

Inventory Includes

  •     Engagement rings
  •     Wedding and anniversary
  •     Fashion rings
  •     Promise rings
  •     Necklaces and pendants
  •     Bracelets
  •     Earrings
  •     Chains
  •     Men’s Jewelry
  •     Watches