Jewlery Repair

All repairs are done in-house, on-site, by our highly trained and skilled jewelers who provide high quality, reliable, and dependable work at affordable prices! We offer free estimates on all repairs and design projects!
If you have outdated jewelry pieces, precious gems and gold, or you are looking for a truly unique look, one of our jewelers can fulfill your design needs. Our jewelers can work in gold, silver, and platinum.

Ring Repair

  •     Sizing
  •     Shank replacement
  •     Non-standard and extra-wide shank repair
  •     Re-tipping prongs
  •     Setting gemstones
  •     Matching lost diamonds

Chain Repair

  •     Soldering repair
  •     Extensions
  •     Bail replacements
  •     Clasp replacements

Earring Repair

  •     Post replacement
  •     Bock replacement
  •     Converting clip earrings to pierced, or vice-versa

Watch Repair

  •     Quartz watch batteries installed
  •     Cleaning
  •     Watch band adjustment

Custom Design
We can create custom designs using your precious metals and gems, or we can supply all materials as needed!

Appraisal for Insurance Purposes

Eyeglass Repair

Let our professional eyeglass repair staff fix your broken eyewear for a fraction of the cost of new eyeglasses! Eyeglass or sunglass repairs start at just $30.00. Let us answer your questions about getting your eyeglasses repaired! Repairing your eyeglasses within an argon chamber is the safest method of repair. Since there is very little heat and no oxygen, your glasses finish will not be affected by the repair. Usually, we align your frames during the repair so you don’t have to go to your optician for an alignment. If you need work done on your lenses, however, you need to see an optician.

We offer same day service in emergencies while you wait!